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Our Choose Indie Local program inspires and supports community members to boost the ripple effect of economic and community benefits we receive when we spend and invest dollars at locally owned businesses.

Our Vision

Led locally but aligned nationally; our movement transcends the word “shop.” Community members at all levels participate as investors, creators, and Indie Local champions — inspired by independent businesses’ impact on community health and wealth. Together, we build strong local, equitable, and sustainable economies.

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Our History

The roots of our Choose Indie Local program go back to 2004 when independent business alliances came together to launch a holiday campaign called America Unchained!  Since then, the program has evolved into a national year-round program made up of community grassroots efforts that are aligned nationally through AMIBA.

Choose Indie Local News & Updates

A Prime Time to Make Ripples

A Prime Time to Make Ripples

This week’s Prime Day (July 11 – 12) is a PRIME time to focus on the Local Multiplier and other ways our communities benefit when we Choose Indie Local.

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