Anti-Prime Days: Let’s Make Ripples

Amazon’s Prime Days (Tuesday, July 16 – Wednesday, July 17, 2024) and Prime Big Deal Days (in October) are PRIME times to focus on the Local Multiplier and other ways our communities benefit when we Choose Indie Local.

As we all make ripples, AMIBA works to transform our ripples into waves. 🌊

Check out these Anti-Prime Days campaigns:

Anti-Prime Days Campaigns: A Prime Time to Make Ripples
Where you spend your dollars matters — your choices create a ripple effect that starts with you and extends out to your entire community and local economy. Choose an Indie Local (independent and locally owned business) and the positive ripple effects magnify. Let’s make ripples!

From American Booksellers Association

“Indies Take The Gold” is an engaging marketing campaign designed to celebrate the spirit of community and excellence of independent bookstores during the Summer Olympics. As Amazon Prime Days return, encourage your customers to choose the gold standard. When they support indie bookstores, they experience the difference themselves.

From Resilient Local Economies Interns

A team of summer interns working with AMIBA and Cambridge Local First designed campaigns to push back on Prime Day and make ripples. Check them out!

From American Booksellers Association

Where you shop matters. #ShopIndieLocal today, tomorrow, and always. Don’t let bookstores and other independents be #BoxedOut — it’s time we break the Amazon trance.

From American Booksellers Association

The future will be more diverse, more authentic, less corporate, more local — The Future is Indie.

“The Future Is Indie” campaign champions the importance of independent businesses in shaping the future. The campaign seeks to inspire consumers to actively engage with independent businesses and make conscious choices that contribute to a better future — more economically sound, more vibrant, more interesting, and more diverse.

Anti-Prime Days: Notable Reports and Social Media Post Examples

From the Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Amazon’s dominance of online retail means that small businesses have little choice but to rely on its site to reach consumers. This report finds that Amazon is exploiting its position as a gatekeeper to impose steep and growing fees on third-party sellers.

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