Why Choose Indie Local?

Where you spend your dollars matters — your choices create a ripple effect that starts with you and extends out to your entire community and local economy. Choose an Indie Local (independent and locally owned business) and the positive ripple effects magnify. Let’s make ripples!

Ripple #1: Choose Indie Local and YOU benefit from:

Better Selection of Goods and Services
  • Big box stores often carry the same inventory, based on national trends. Your local shops have more flexibility to offer unique products and services, including items from local farmers, producers, and other makers.
  • A single local shop or service provider may carry a smaller selection than a big chain. However, a large number of independent retailers, each serving their own niche, creates far greater diversity, better quality, and more choices for you overall.
Stellar Advice
  • Get advice from a local — save time and find just what you’re looking for. An experienced Indie Local staff member with more in-depth knowledge can better guide your next purchase, whether it’s for you or a loved one.
More Conversations and Connection
  • Bump into a friend, connect with a business owner, and hear the latest local news — you get so much more than a product or service when you Choose Indie Local.

Ripple #2: Choose Indie Local and your FAVORITE locally owned businesses benefit from:

Increased Revenue and Business Growth
  • Your purchase directly impacts a business’s bottom line, contributing to its overall revenue, future business growth, and hiring potential.
More Time and Dollars to Give Back
  • With increased revenue and staffing, local business owners have more time and resources to give back to their local community, by volunteering their talents, donating to nonprofits, and carrying out more triple-bottom-line business practices.
  • They also have more time to contribute to the health of their industry by joining alliances and networks like AMIBA!
Ability to Offer Better Services, Boost Inventory, and Increase Operating Budgets
  • Healthy sales mean business owners can cover expenses such as inventory, utilities, and wages (and increase future spending, too!)
  • Indie Local business owners spend more of their dollars locally, at other Indie Locals — and the ripples continue!

Ripple #3: Choose Indie Local and your COMMUNITY and LOCAL ECONOMY benefit from:

Increased Community Wealth and Equality
More Jobs and Opportunity
  • Independent retailers create more jobs per sales dollar than chain competitors or online giants.
  • Local independents use an array of service providers such as contractors, accountants, insurance brokers, computer consultants, attorneys, sign makers, advertising agencies, and many others. These jobs tend to be higher-wage positions with greater career potential.
  • Local retailers, restaurants, and distributors also carry a higher percentage of locally produced goods, creating additional markets and jobs for local producers and more wealth in the community. The chain business model, on the other hand, uses a minimum of local goods and services, while profits go to corporate headquarters.
More Tax Revenue at a Lower Public Cost
Reduced Traffic and Environmental Impact
Better Quality of Life
  • Independent businesses and the public spaces surrounding them provide opportunities build relationships, creating more community cohesiveness and trust.
  • Counties with more small businesses have greater social capital, civic engagement, and overall community health.

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