What’s Our WHY?  Help us shape our answer.

As we prepare for our Eat Indie Local campaign, we want to dive into our WHY.

“Every business can easily state ‘what’ they do. Most can articulate ‘how they do it,’— but few businesses know ‘why’ they exist.”  ~ Simon Sinek

“Your why is the foundation—poured concrete marking the permanent shape of what will become a house—built up with choices in how to move forward and with what tools and fixtures. Your vision for what’s built on top or placed inside may change with time, much like the shutter’s paint or the fixture’s finish is altered over the years, but the foundation won’t change. It’s from here, your concrete foundation—your unique why—that you’ll make plans for your business or organization’s work ahead.

~ Diane Sontum, The Local Crowd

Why do we focus on local food and farms?  What impacts do we hope to see from our work?

“Eating local nourishes our families and the communities we love.”  ~ Eat Local First

“To create deeper connections with people and their food system, to support local farmers, and to better our community.” ~ Local First

What’s Our WHY?

That’s a question our Eat Indie Local partners can best help us answer.  Share the WHY around your eat local and local food system work.  Add your WHY here.

From Food Forward NYC:

“Food is Culture.

Food is Health.

Food Creates Jobs.”


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