We invite independent business alliances, neighborhood associations, and local economy-minded business networks to partner with us to grow our Eat Indie Local Campaign, part of the Shop Indie Local year-round movement.

The American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) will lead this effort to amplify the “Eat Local” message this August. We want to empower you to inspire your community to eat more locally grown, raised, and made foods, meet the farmers, growers, and chefs behind their food, celebrate diversity in our food system, and learn new skills that keep more of us eating locally throughout the year.

Partners will help us spread the word and energize their members to join the Eat Indie Local/Shop Indie Local movement.  Becoming a partner is FREE!

Partners will receive:

  • A listing on our Eat Indie Local webpage
  • Weekly email updates with Ideas on how to keep the Eat Indie Local message strong throughout August and September
  • Campaign templates such as press releases, social media posts, and other materials

Partners will:

  • Show their support for Eat Indie Local by sharing their organization’s name with us
  • Provide us with links to any events or promotions they are organizing to support this campaign
  • Spread the word by sharing social media posts and finding other creative ways to engage their community in this effort

How do you sign on as a partner? It’s easy — please fill out this form to get started.

Become a Partner

Again, there’s no cost to participate as a partner.

Please feel free to share your questions and ideas with us.

Thank you!

Jen Risley, Choose Indie Local Coordinator

This Eat Indie Local Campaign is part of AMIBA’s Choose Indie Local Program.

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