Why promote Shop Indie Local early this holiday season?

Because more of us are shopping early for holiday gifts.

Let’s ensure that independent businesses have strong end-of-the-year sales by supporting them now:

  • Pre-order gifts and supplies today
  • Buy a gift card
  • Support their fundraising campaigns
  • Donate to your community’s Independent Business Alliance
  • Share on social media how much you love locally owned businesses (tag your post with #shopindielocal)
  • Adapt and share these posts on social media

A huge thank you to the American Booksellers Association for creating the October is the New December campaign to boost the Shop Early, Shop Local message.  Check out their campaign here.

“Bookstores Need Your Help. As booksellers are in the midst of the important fourth-quarter sales season, the American Booksellers Association encourages readers to shop local. Check with your local independent bookstore how you can shop with them — whether in-store, online, or both.”

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