Show Your Local Love This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, show your “local love” — love for your sweetie and your whole community — by purchasing gifts (or gift-making supplies) and meals (or ingredients) at locally owned businesses.  Last year, despite the pandemic, Americans spent $21.8 billion on Valentine’s Day.  Imagine if we shifted some of that spending to locally owned businesses!

Locally owned businesses offer us much to love.  They strengthen our local economy, culture, and wellbeing.  Independent businesses re-circulate more money in our community than chain stores.  Moreover, studies show that small businesses create most new jobs, meaning today’s local Valentines are tomorrow’s jobs.

Celebrating During the Pandemic

Last year’s National Retail Federation survey found that 24 percent of Americans planned to celebrate with a special evening out (the lowest in the survey’s history).  Instead, 41 percent planned to hold that special meal at home.  Also, no surprise, online stores were the top place to shop for gifts.  If you plan to shop for Valentine’s gifts online, please check if your favorite locally owned shop has an online store.

Local Love Grows

Great news!  Last year, for the FIRST TIME, small businesses made it to the top five Valentine’s shopping destinations in National Retail Federation’s survey.  The local love spirit is growing!  So, continue to show lots of local love this Valentine’s Day.  That love will circle back to you, your loved ones, and — best of all — your entire community.

Looking for another way to show the local love and support local economies everywhere?  Support our Shop Indie Local crowdfunding campaign on The Local Crowd Monadnock and fuel our year-round movement to grow more local, equitable, and inclusive economies.  With your help, we’ll strengthen campaigns like Plaid Friday and Eat Local Month in your community and throughout North America.  Plus, we’ll add new efforts like Move Your Money and Shop Black-Owned Month.

Give today!

Our crowdfunding campaign also offers a limited number of rewards to individuals who give at certain financial levels.  For example, for $25, you can opt to receive a signed copy of local economist Michael Shuman’s latest book, Put Your Money Where Your Life Is.  Offline donations are also accepted.  Checks should be made out to AMIBA with “Shop Indie Local” in the memo and mailed to AMIBA, PO Box 6601, Cincinnati, OH, 45206-9998.  Thank you for fueling the Shop Indie Local Movement!

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