On November 1, 2022, the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) will launch their Shop Indie Local holiday campaign, urging individuals and businesses to shift their holiday spending to locally owned and independent businesses.

Independent businesses and networks are invited to sign on as partners, pledging to organize neighboring businesses around the Shop Indie Local movement.

“Now, more than ever, small businesses must work together,” said Derek Peebles, executive director of AMIBA. “Shop Indie Local represents a movement that cultivates hope and empowerment.”

Every dollar spent at a locally owned and independent business returns 2-3 times more dollars back into a community than a dollar spent at a non-local business. Those dollars represent a significant contribution to local jobs, taxes, and other community-building investments.

AMIBA invites all independent business alliances, neighborhood associations, and local economy-minded business networks to join this campaign as a partner. Partners bring their own local flair, using Shop Indie Local templates and incorporating events like Plaid Friday and Cider Monday (pro-local antidotes to the chain-centered Black Friday and “Cyber Monday”) into their efforts. The campaign also encourages businesses to employ the energy and resources of Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday as part of their season-long outreach. A partner invitation is available at amiba.net/call-for-partners-shop-indie-local-holiday-campaign.

About Shop Indie Local

Shop Indie Local occurs annually from October 1 to December 31. The campaign provides a gateway to resources that activates partners to spread this movement where they live. It also works to amplify each business network’s efforts to promote buying locally throughout the campaign.

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