At the core of every Choose Indie Local campaign is amplifying the local multiplier effect — documented by Civic Economics Indie Impact Studies Series. Matt Cunningham, a partner at Civic Economics, offered advice on leveraging the multiplier effect and the Indie Impact Studies during Independents Month — and every month!

  • Start with a goal
    • Educate Public
      • Local businesses are the backbone of community
      • They keep more money locally
      • Local businesses contribute more to local causes
    • Influence a Local Issue
      • Land use
    • Influence Local Decisions
      • Tax breaks for national chains
      • Big box recruitment
  • Present the data
    • Keep It Simple
      • No need to complicate it
      • Do not exaggerate. Data speaks for itself.
    • Use Charts
      • Made for each report
    • Accompany Numbers With Business Stories
      • Tie the two together
    • Repeat Same Themes
      • Whenever speaking, always reference the survey
  • Spread the word
    • Press Conference or Presentation of Report
    • Editorial In Local Newspaper
    • Social Media
    • Handouts/Signs At Local Businesses
    • Local or Regional Conferences
    • Try to include people or groups not already invested

Don’t yet have an Indie Impact Study for your community? Here’s an overview of what it takes.


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