By Pam Blue

Planting People Growing Justice (PPGJ) Press and Bookstore, a Black woman-owned press and bookstore in St. Paul, MN, creates and publishes diverse children’s books and works seamlessly with its affiliated nonprofit to not only address the literacy gap by promoting diverse books by diverse authors but to empower an underserved community to lead their own change and reach their potential.

The founder, Dr. Artika Tyner, encourages local diverse authors to tell their stories and publishes and promotes them in classrooms across the St. Paul area. And because 100% of the proceeds from selected books go to her affiliated nonprofit, buying a book becomes a way to both benefit and unite the community as they inspire future generations. Over its 5+ year history, the nonprofit has donated over 19,000 diverse books and inspired over 5,000 young readers.

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Celebrate Indie Local BusinessesThere is no question that people often overlook the positive impacts of independent, locally-owned (Indie Local) businesses. The local community that an Indie Local serves may understand these impacts, but those located further away may need to be made aware of these success stories. In future posts, with your help, we will feature a few of the top Indie Locals in the nation.

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