Please & Thank You Cookie Shop, based in Louisville, KY, received last year’s US Today Readers Choice Award for Best Cookies in America. Brooke Vaughn owns this bakery/record shop. “I wanted it to feel like your living room,” Vaughn said. “Like you would walk in and you were sort of like, ‘Okay I can drink a cup of coffee and talk to my friends, listen to good music here.’ Today, the business includes five locations and an airstream. (Image credit: Please & Thank You Cookie Shop)

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Celebrate Indie Local BusinessesThere is no question that people often overlook the positive impacts of independent, locally owned (Indie Local) businesses. The local community that an Indie Local serves may understand these impacts, but those located further away may need to be made aware of these success stories. In future posts, with your help, we will feature a few of the top Indie Locals in the nation.

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