From Sustainable Business Network (MA): Artifact Soapworks is a trendsetting online soap shop offering first-rate products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes and other locations. Established by Barbara Thomas, Artifact Soapworks is a woman-owned, Black-owned, and locally owned business that makes unique soap products in her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She designs and creates all her soap recipes and attends various fine arts and craft festivals and farmers’ markets. She also participates in gallery shows, open studio events, and community-oriented festivals. Barbara is an instructor and lecturer on various forms of soap-making at schools in the Greater Boston Area.

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Celebrate Indie Local BusinessesThere is no question that people often overlook the positive impacts of independent, locally owned (Indie Local) businesses. The local community that an Indie Local serves may understand these impacts, but those located further away may need to be made aware of these success stories. In future posts, with your help, we will feature a few of the top Indie Locals in the nation.

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