Special Initiatives

Special Initiatives

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Shop Indie Local

From November 1 – December 31, Shop Indie Local celebrates locally owned businesses and works to increase spending at these businesses.  Our campaign urges shoppers to take positive action and boost the ripple effect of economic and community benefits our neighborhoods, towns and cities receive when we spend dollars at locally owned, independent businesses.

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Shop Local Year Round

From Valentine’s Day to Halloween, AMiBA has promotional graphics and messaging to help you maintain interest in Local Economy growth year round.  

Click here for the Beginner’s Pack of resources. AMIBA members can access more options here.

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Independents Week

The week of the 4th of July is a great time to remind people how important independent local businesses are to the health and resilience of their communities!  

Create your own summer special events with this pack of promotional materials and resources. 


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Business Against Bigotry

Healthy local economies thrive on owners, employees and customers of all races and backgrounds.  This collection of trainings and promotional materials help your organization and your community welcome everyone. 

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Community Bank Local

Want to keep more of your local money in local markets? Want to improve access to loans for your business owners?  Want to build community pride and community support?  Community-based, local banks and financial institutions provide all of this and more — but they need our help to thrive in today’s market.  And when they thrive, our communities do as well. 

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Why Buy Local?

There’s lots of reasons — share them with your community through this popular set of posters, decals and bag stuffers that outline the benefits of Buying Local.

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Free Guide to Doing Buy Local Campaigns Right!

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Tap the collective experience from more than 100 campaigns.

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