Why Buy Local?

Why Buy Local poster

The Multiplier Effect

Independent local businesses have a huge impact on building Resilient Local Economies, because they have been proven to keep more of the dollars that we spend in them within our local communities — helping to fund our whole community.  Download AMIBA’s groundbreaking compilation of research on this topic, and be sure to share it across your commmunity!

Why Buy Local Explainer Posters

AMIBA’s popular Why Buy Local poster series gives your community straightforward reasons to support your local economy.  Easy to use for digital or physical storefronts – and links interested viewers to more information about building Resilient Local Economies

To download digital versions, click the images below.  To purchase printed posters, visit AMIBA’s Square store (your payment covers the cost of printing and shipping).

Digital versions also available in Spanish — contact info@amiba.net to arrange delivery.

Other Why Buy Local Materials

Window signs, bag stuffers, public service announcements and more can help get the Buy Local message out to your community. 

Why Buy Local Graphics

Free Guide to Doing Buy Local Campaigns Right!

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Tap the collective experience from more than 100 campaigns.

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