The Local Leaders Roundtable met on April 8 for What’s New at AMIBA: New Resources

Resources are back! For those that used AMIBA’s resource library before, you’ll be delighted to see documents organized in easy-to-use formats. For those new to AMIBA Resources, you’re in for a treat.

Resources are divided into two types:
Public—Information we want the whole world to have and use.
Find a well-organized library on This includes documents, graphics, videos and more. You can search, sort by category or just browse to find just the right resource. All documents are downloadable. The second row of resources contains everything recently added so it’s easy to see what’s new anytime.

Members Only—Forms, templates, info sheets, graphics and more on everything you need to start and grow an IBA.
If you are an AMIBA member, you already have access to the Members Only Resources using the email you joined with. Having difficulty? Email Amy Klein and she’ll get you fixed up. Organized in 8 folders (currently but growing), you’ll find resources you’ll need to help your IBA. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Check Members Only Resources first and see if you find what you need. If not, email Rebecca and we will try to add a resource.

  • As usual, the most valuable part of the event was hearing ideas from members. Here’s a selection we will be pursuing:
  • Add a Social Media folder with holiday and anytime posts that can be used by members.
  • Create a collection of info tidbits that members can use in social media, emails and newsletters.
  • about buying locally, the local movement or local economy.
  • Add template press releases for holidays and events.
  • Add short newsletter articles that members can drop in when they have space.
  • Create a document on sustainable business standards and include ideas on how a business can be more sustainable.
  • Add a section of great tools to use for…well…everything.
  • Create an online tracking database that members could use to track stats such as number of members, attendees at events, growth in social media, outreach, etc. Then each IBA could create a report at the end of the year to use for board members or general public.
  • Online editing of graphics so AMIBA could create graphics but any IBA could drop in their logo or customize the text.
  • Create an online “chalkboard” or forum to exchange ideas 21/7.

Whew! Obviously some of these may take a bit of time. In the meantime, if you have an idea, or another, or even more, email Rebecca and get them on the list.

Let’s start gathering tools now. What’s your favorite software, app or resource and how do you use it? Once more, email Rebecca.

This was a great sharing discussion at the Local Leaders Roundtable! Missed this event? You can see the video on YouTube.

The Local Leaders Roundtable is every second Thursday at 1pm ET. Our April Roundtable is What’s New at AMIBA: Member Resources are Back! Register for this and other AMIBA events here. ( Hope to see you soon!

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