Dane Buy Local grant retrospective

Dane Buy Local was able to catapult its impact during the pandemic, thanks to a carefully-cultivated relationship with the county’s leadership.  This charming story from a Dane Buy Local business member tells the story of the impact DBL has made on its independent businesses.  You can also check out this interview with Executive Director and AMIBA Board member Colin Murray to get his perspective on launching and administering this initiative.

Public Policy?  We can’t do public policy!  Here’s how, with Cambridge Local First.

Theo Skeadas, Executive Director, recently sat down with AMIBA content partner Della Rucker to explore how her minimally-staffed organization is influencing local law and regulations to better support independent local businesses.  Despite their lack of human resources, Cambridge Local First is able to use its understanding of its members’ needs to persuade City Council members and staff to make changes that strengthen local independent businesses.  Check out the interview here.

This interview is part of the AccelerateUs: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Local Economy Revolution series.  This and other conversations with local leaders can be found on YouTube, Soundcloud, and as part of the Building a Wise Local Economy podcast on your favorite podcast platform. 

“She Loved You First!”  Mother’s Day Gift Guide under development at Local First Utah

Local First Utah is providing a great resource to its members by sourcing products and services from them to be part of it’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide.  As their newsletter says, 

“We will provide all participating businesses with a Social Media Kit to highlight their spot in the guide, and we’ll feature businesses on our social media platforms like @localfirstutah and @thelocalistproject. As well, we’ll work to make sure the guide is featured in local media publications across the state.”

Learn more about Local First’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide here.

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