Understanding monopolies is important because they effect your business. This doesn’t mean studying anti-trust laws or pouring through the history of monopolies. This simply means understand how they effect your business and learning to recognize the impacts from monopolies. When we understand this, we can catalyze for change.

More than 400 businesses from across the country participated in the AMIBA survey to gage current awareness. Many organizations are working to level the playing field for local business along with AMIBA. As the national voice of local business, AMIBA brings genuine insight and your views to the policy table.

This survey is just the beginning of our work. The results are important because they show a serious concern about monopoly power but also a lack of awareness at the same time. That’s where AMIBA comes in. Follow us in this journey as we shed light on the power and market control of monopolies, and catalyze local business to respond.

Download the infographic.

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