May 13 : Local Hive: Light at the end of the pandemic tunnel

Light at the end of the pandemic tunnel? It’s time to talk about what coming out of the pandemic might look like. Plus, this has been hard, we could all use a bit of a therapy session. Join your peers to plan, rant, share, laugh and even cry as we look forward to exiting the worst of times. REGISTER NOW

Please join us for the next Local Leaders Roundtable where we come together to share, inspire, learn and get to know one another every second Thursday, 1pm ET. You have a whole community of other local leaders here to help—Join Us!

We offer three kinds for Roundtables:

Local Hive—We’re all local pollinators in our communities, bring your ideas and concerns and join the buzz.

Nuts & Bolts—The step by step how-to of running a local organization, topic by topic.

What’s New at AMIBA—It’s a new day at AMIBA and we’re bursting with benefits, resources and ideas just for you. Come get them!

We have an exciting lineup waiting for you that you won’t want to miss. Local Leaders Roundtable isn’t just about information, it’s about building a supportive community for us all—and we know you need that!

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