The Local Leaders Roundtable met on March 11 for Nuts & Bolts: Using Your Website as a Member Marketplace

It seems everyone is interested in creating an online marketplace for IBA members and several of our members have done just that. But just like local business and our IBAs, there were no cookie cutters here. Each IBA approached it a little differently. Take your time and explore the varied options these IBAs have created.

TLC Monadnock Mercantile from The Local Crowd Monadnock

Jen Risley, Director filled us in on the success of this page. Jen reports that the Monadnock Mercantile is getting more hits than their IBA website!

Support Local

Sara and Jak Green explained the advantages of using their company, Support Local as a turnkey option for an online marketplace and some IBAs already use them.

Live Local INW is a joint venture of Simba and community partners

Mariah McKay, Director amazed us with her program to bring together local organizations for an online marketplace campaign. This was funded with CARES Act dollars through the City of Spokane and was a hugely successful shop local campaign and marketplace.

Dane Buy Local Marketplace

Colin Murray, Director showed us a great, simple approach. Members must have a e-commerce site and the marketplace sends customers directly to the businesses’ website. Colin said many of the merchants sold out of listed products during the holiday season.

Shop Arizona Marketplace by Local First Arizona

Thomas Barr, Director went all in with a custom site that includes e-commerce. The site drives +-$10,000 per month in revenue and is a smashing hit.

Shop Local Lou by Louisville Independent Business Alliance

Jennifer Rubenstein, Director gave us a tour through their marketplace that really caters to the customer with lots of options. Purchases from multiple businesses, curbside pick-up shipping coming soon and many ways to pay. Jen said that this had increased membership and had good sponsorship support.

This was a fantastic, informative discussion at the Local Leaders Roundtable! Missed this event? You can see the video on YouTube.

The Local Leaders Roundtable is every second Thursday at 1pm ET. Our April Roundtable is What’s New at AMIBA: Member Resources are Back! Register for this and other AMIBA events here. ( Hope to see you soon!

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