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Monopolies have taken control of our economies and entrepreneurs are the victim of monopolies predatory practices. It is time to re-imagine localized economies for the benefit of all. Instead of our economic system benefiting only the behemoth conglomerates, our policies and practices should benefit the common good. Local business by its very nature is the antidote to monopoly power. 

This is why AMIBA has committed to join the effort to reign in monopolies and give our local businesses a fair chance. There is a role for each of us. We encourage you to get involved. Start by reading The Big Deal of Antitrust Laws for Small Businesses. This short paper explains why our work is so important to you and your community.

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Market Monopoly

Market Monopoly

Amazon’s sales topped $1 billion a day in 2020, according to Bloomberg Technology. Amazon benefited disproportionately from COVID-19 and the shift towards online sales caused by the pandemic. In fact,

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Local Tennis Club Beats the Monopoly

Local Tennis Club Beats the Monopoly

In today’s US economy a business sector is monopolized when a small number of the big guys work together with price-fixing or other anti-competitive practices that results in the closing down of thousands of small independent businesses.

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The important work that AMIBA does to fight monopolies is funded in part by the Anti-Monopoly Fund.

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