The Local Leaders Roundtable met on March 10 to review questions on the new IBA Data Resource project. There have been several discussions on gathering data from all the IBAs to chart how we’re all doing. We’ve been working to create a data collection device to make it easy for you to input your info and reap the benefits of seeing where everyone else is too. You’ll even be able to create a customized report at the end of the year showing only your IBA’s info for your board, staff, members or whomever you wish to share it with.

It seems everyone is really excited about this project. It’s a great way to share information and will be a huge resource to all member IBAs. We reviewed the questions with several astute additions such as what membership management systems everyone is using. We also added general software tools in use, advocacy activities and what resources you might need. We will complete the survey and send it out in a week or so. Watch your email for this.

Having completed the review, the conversation took an interesting turn. When one member talked about feeling alone. This is where the real value of the AMIBA community comes into play. We had a wonderful discussion about the challenges of being an IBA leader. We even had a visitor on the call from Australia which led to a great conversation comparing local business conditions, struggles, obstacles and more. Turns out, the struggle is the same everywhere. But the talk united us all in a shared endeavor.

Missed this event? You can see the video on YouTube.

The Local Leaders Roundtable is every second Thursday at 1pm ET. Our next Roundtable is April 14 for Local Leaders Roundtable: Nuts & Bolts: Rebuilding the Strategic Plan. See upcoming Local Leaders Roundtables and other AMIBA events here. Hope to see you soon.

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