The Local Leaders Roundtable met on October 14 to learn about all the new features of Shop Indie Local. Begun as a Christmas campaign, Shop Indie Local now spans the entire year with many campaigns to get involved in.

Jen Risley, AMIBA Shop Indie Local manager and TLC Monadnock program manager, joined us for a great overview of Shop Indie Local. The program now encompasses Plaid Friday, Artists Sunday and Cider Monday in addition to the holiday season. Shop Indie Local also showcases other campaigns throughout the year including Eat Indie Local focusing on local food and local restaurants.

Of course we’re all focused on the upcoming giving season right now. There are lots of ideas on how to get your members involved including a Holiday Passport. This was particularly interesting to the Roundtable attendees and was the focus of much conversation.

This initiative is just one of the many benefits AMIBA has to offer. It’s great to not have to reinvent the wheel and this initiative has the complete package for you. Many of the graphics are offered in a Canva platform so you can alter them to align with your local efforts.

Still need a reason to get involved? Here you go—

  1. It’s throughout the holiday shopping season — a critical time to amplify Shop Local messaging.
  2. It has a limited three-month time frame that doesn’t overwhelm partners.
  3. It helps communities learn from and inspire each other.
  4. It is totally customizable for each community.
  5. It connects local communities with a national movement that adds enthusiasm to and excitement for our work.
  6. Small Biz SaturdayPlaid Friday, and other programs fit in seamlessly with Shop Indie Local.
  7. Shop Indie Local has a catchy name with an attractive logo.
  8. It is designed to be an online campaign that fits in nicely with each partner’s social media efforts.
  9. It is a visible demonstration that the Local Economy Movement and AMIBA are alive and kicking!
  10. It is free with no hidden fees or charges!

You can find lots of information, ideas, templates and programs on the AMIBA website under Initiatives, Shop Indie Local. For questions or even more information, contact Jen Risley.

Missed this event? You can see the video on YouTube.

The Local Leaders Roundtable is every second Thursday at 1pm ET. Our November Roundtable is Local Hive: Accessing City Funding. Register for this and other AMIBA events here. Hope to see you soon!

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