Special AMIBA Initiatives

With our partners, we lead engagement in special initiatives designed to improve the world we do business, build communities and live in.

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Catalyzing Local Business Initiative

Monopolies represent a choking of the free market system, not a product of it. The concentrated control of a market area or industry closes doors to local businesses and give customers fewer choices. Ultimately, monopolies control the entire market from production to customer by controlling manufacturing standards, distribution and pricing. This removes our communities from the free market process and destroys our local economies.
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Shop Indie Local

We invite independent business alliances, neighborhood associations, and local economy-minded business networks to join the Shop Indie Local Movement. This grassroots initiative will provide a platform to highlight work done in communities across North America and provide open-source tools and resources to communities, organizations, and small businesses. Read more

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AMIBA Equity Commitment

Healthy local economies thrive on owners, employees and customers of all races and backgrounds. This collection of trainings and promotional materials help your organization and your community welcome everyone. Read more

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Community Bank Local

Want to keep more of your local money in local markets? Want to improve access to loans for your business owners? Want to build community pride and community support? Community-based, local banks and financial institutions provide all of this and more — but they need our help to thrive in today’s market. And when they thrive, our communities do as well. Read more


AMIBA collaborates with other local and national organization to amplify all our voices and expand our influence. Click each logo to read more about our work.

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