Leaders of Local Roundtable

Held every other week at Wednesday, 1 PM Eastern, Leaders of Local Roundtables mix subject matter experts with IBA leaders’ experience to illuminate emerging issues and cutting-edge strategies for growing resilient local economies. These Zoom calls include multiple short presentations and small group collaboration to develop best practices on issues ranging from organization essentials to new partners and approaches. Why simply listen to a lecture when you can be part of putting it into action? Check the Calendar for the schedule of topics and to register.

Office Hours & Pep Talks

Everyone needs some peer advice and some encouragement sometimes. Office Hours and Pep Talks are held on the Wednesdays between the Leaders of Local Roundtables, and they give you an unstructured chance to talk in small groups with your peers nationwide about… whatever you want to talk about. Be supported, be encouraged and find (and share) some great ideas. Open to all AMIBA members (not a member? Click here to find out how to join)

Check the Calendar to sign up for an upcoming Office Hours and Pep talks.

Virtual Conference with CommonGood

October 8+9, 2020

IBAs and local economy organizations are leading transformations nationwide, and there’s never been a time where our impact was more important. Join AMIBA and CommonGood for a two-day series of groundbreaking insights, hands-on solutions and the opportunity to collaborate on the Local Economy Movement with your peers from across the county? Click here to learn more

Local Economy Conference 2022

Originally planned for April 2020, AMIBA’s national conference will be held in Madison, Wisconsin, home of the highly successful Dane Buy Local, as well as the University of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin State Capitol and a great selection of local independent businesses of all kinds. Information on registration, events and more coming soon!

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