As the renowned Bob Dylan song so eloquently expressed: “The times, they are a-changin’.” These lyrics resonate as powerfully today as they ever have before! The last few years brought many challenges – from the COVID-19 pandemic, economic insecurity, threats to democracy, and racial injustices, just to name a few. Formal volunteering declined in recent years as a result, and while community members still desire to volunteer, their expectations and the ways in which they volunteer are changing. Organizations must evolve to continue to attract and retain the people power they need.

This session explored the current state of volunteerism and practical strategies you, as a leader of your organization, can employ to maximize success in engaging volunteers in meeting your mission.

About the Presenter
Betsy McFarland is a principal consultant at Adisa and Energize. As a certified volunteer administrator (CVA), she specializes in helping organizations leverage the power of volunteers. She began her 25-year career developing the first-ever volunteer program for a local animal shelter. She went on to spearhead the launch of The Humane Society National Volunteer Center, the first broad-scale coordinated volunteer effort in the history of the organization, which now engages thousands of volunteers globally. Betsy co-directs the Initiative for Strategic Volunteer Engagement for The Leighty Foundation and serves as a facilitator for the National Alliance for Volunteer Engagement.


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