The American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) recently expanded its Shop Indie Local holiday campaign, urging individuals and businesses to shift their holiday spending to locally owned and independent businesses, to a year-round initiative.

“The mounting challenges that locally owned and independent businesses are facing make it clear we need to ramp up our efforts and find new ways to support local businesses,” said Derek Peebles, executive director of AMIBA. “Shop Indie Local represents a movement that cultivates hope and empowerment.”

This grassroots initiative will provide a platform to highlight work done in communities across North America and provide open-source tools and resources to communities, organizations, and small businesses.

“Shop Indie Local celebrates locally owned businesses and works to increase spending at these businesses,” said Jen Risley, AMIBA’s Shop Indie Local Coordinator. “Together, we inspire our communities to take positive action and boost the ripple effects our neighborhoods, towns, and cities receive when we spend more of our dollars at locally owned, independent businesses.”

Every dollar spent at a locally owned and independent business returns 2-3 times more dollars back into a community than a dollar spent at a non-local business. Those dollars represent a significant contribution to local jobs, taxes, and other community-building investments.

About American Independent Business Alliance

AMIBA has been the leader of Buy Local and Local First campaigns since 2010 with a mission to support locally owned, independent businesses, encourage local purchasing, and address the competitive disadvantages that independent businesses often experience due to policies and economic structures:

About Shop Indie Local

Shop Indie Local brings diverse business stakeholders together to facilitate innovative campaigns and initiatives that create local, equitable, and inclusive economies:

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