It’s a new day at AMIBA
20 years ago the local movement took root in America. Today, locally owned business is a community value and more essential than ever. But the very survival of our local business communities is threatened like never before.
AMIBA has been a founding leader in the local economies movement by building a network of local business alliances in communities across the nation. Through these alliances, we build local businesses. With new leadership, a renewed commitment to thriving local economies for all and a growing community of alliances, AMIBA is poised to lead the movement to the next level. And we need your help.
This giving season, invest in sustainable local economic communities by donating to AMIBA so that we may guide the way forward. Your donation to this 501c3 will be amplified 3X by matches from these generous donors:
1. Longfellow Health Clubs
2. Lone Star Foundation
3. Jennifer Rubenstien
AMIBA grows local businesses by engaging local business alliances; building a strong local economy that is diverse, inclusive and equitable; and educating consumers and lawmakers alike about the economic and cultural benefits of local business. The funds from this campaign will allow us to leap forward in achieving these goals.
Your tax-deductible donation helps to fund educational opportunities, policy initiatives and engagement, and support of alliances across the nation.

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