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More than ever, we know independent businesses give communities economic strength, financial sustainability, and stronger civic connections. But government disinterest, mega-corporations and lack of consumer awareness of the impact of their choices work against resilient communities.

AMIBA works to change that equation. 

Join us, work with us, and become a part of the Local Economy Movement.  

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Our Members

AMIBA represents more than 40,000 independent businesses across 30 states, and we are welcoming new members all the time.

Check out our Member Directory to learn more about our network!

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Spark Local Action

Ready to make an impact? AMIBA’s events, materials and workshops get you on the same page and launch you into your future. 

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Don’t reinvent the wheel! Tap the collective experience from more than 100 campaigns.

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Grow your skills and your local economy

AMIBA offers lots of ways to improve your local economy – from webinars to guidebooks and our Office Hours and Pep Talks!

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Spark Local Action in Your Community!

Trainings & workshops with AMIBA’s expert presenters spur action in your organization – or help launch a new one!

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The Best in Independent, Local Business

Here’s why people love AMIBA!

Jennifer Rubenstein
Executive Director, Louisville Independent Business Alliance, Louisville, KY

The Louisville IBA has been a member of AMIBA since our inception, and it’s been an amazing resource. Since 2005 we’ve grown to 900 members and being part of AMIBA has been helpful at every stage of our growth, offering resources, training, connections and camaraderie. We wouldn’t be where we are today without being part of AMIBA!

Mary Alice Scott
Executive Director, Portland Buy Local, Portland, ME

I don’t know where we would be without AMIBA. Our small but mighty organization leans heavily on the community and relationships we’ve fostered through AMIBA’s umbrella. Our membership has led to countless great conversations, sparked positive change within our organization, and given us new ideas to roll out to our community. We have a small staff – just one person – but with AMIBA, it never feels lonely.

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