Some of these green business practices will work for your business, and others won’t. We encourage you to pick around five of the low-hanging fruit that you can adopt quickly, will show you some results, and will help you build momentum.


  • HVAC for buildings in many cities is the major source of energy use.
    • Insulate the walls and the ceilings.
    • Utilize weather stripping and caulking to seal around windows & doors to close air gaps.
    • Consider installing double or triple-paned windows.
    • Replace inefficient heating systems with heat pumps and radiant heat, technologies that effectively replace gas and oil with electricity and are incredibly efficient.
    • Some states offer incredible rebates for installing heat pumps.
    • Install programmable thermostats.
    • There are now many reasonably priced options on the market that offer several options for times and temperatures for heating and A/C.
  • LED lights continue to see dramatic growth in efficiency.
    • Tube LEDs are now the standard and when installed they have saved Indie Locals thousands of dollars a year.
    • Screw-in LEDs are easy to change, provide a variety of light colors, and have an exceptional lifespan compared to incandescent bulbs.
    • The emergence of new LED technology for large sports or manufacturing spaces results in remarkable savings.
    • Many states offer amazing rebates for installing new LEDs.
  • Many environmental leaders believe that Solar Energy is the most essential way to reduce global warming.
    • It is local! There are many government incentives, and solar energy companies are everywhere — many are Indie Locals.
    • The efficiency of solar panels increases dramatically every year.
    • Consider solar shingles if your building isn’t a good fit for solar panels.
  • Utilize green transportation options.
    • Develop incentives that encourage staff members to use non-motorized forms of transportation, public transportation, and/or carpools when commuting.
    • Electric Vehicles are the wave of the present and future for sure.
    • Federal and state governments are encouraging/requiring more EVs
    • The financial incentives make it easier to purchase an EV
    • EV stations are popping up everywhere — like mushrooms after a rainy day
  • When possible, purchase your electricity from renewable sources — solar or wind.
  • If your appliances need an upgrade, consider Energy Star options which can save you thousands of dollars every month.

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